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HoI4 Lotr Mod

This Hearts of Iron 4 mod initially started off as a small, 'play-with-friends', meme-project. After all, why would one explicitly choose Hearts of Iron, a world-war 2 strategy game, as the underlying fundament instead of a more fitting, medieval-based game such as Europa Universalis?

I believe that it was precisely this unusual clash of settings that lead to this mods unusually high popularity. At first glance, the grim, bloody and industrial reality of world war 2 seems completely unsuitable to the lovely, fantasy-setting of LotR, where near-unkillable paragons regularly fend of hordes of distinctly evil enemies.

However, upon further inspection it seems to me that LotR has at least some general themes that don't completely miss-align with common world-war narratives. While Tolkien seemingly denied having drawn inspiration from his experiences of both world wars, the same cannot be said for Peter Jackson and his ever-popular movie adaptations.

Within the context of this mod, merely depicting the orcs in Moria as communists or Mordor as a fascist state seems absurd, yet since it isn't completely devoid of logic or analogy, a joke is born.


After remaining in somewhat of a coma for several years, the mod has enjoyed a ressurgence starting in 2022.

One of the first things I tackled after this reboot was the tech tree. I spent a long time experimenting around in photohop, trying to come up with a suitable design and produce/find the necessary assets for it. I believe the end result looks quite good!

image of techtree

Subsequently, I got to work on reworking our unit-models. Up until this point, our models had been reskins of the base HoI4 infantry model with rifles replaced by crossbows.

I opted to import sword+shield animations from Mixamo, and create adequate models for the mixamo rig. To complement this, I also went through the effort using custom scripts to re-map a set of spear+shield animations from the Unreal Marketplace onto this new rig.

One of the biggest challenges with models has been to maintain them reasonably low-poly. Despite the endevaour, I believe we're getting out a lot from models that are, at most 5k triangles in size.

image of unitmodels

Another major step I took with the rework, was our brand-new map.

The most commonly used tool for map-generation in the HoI4 modding community is MapGen. However, MapGen always generates a brand-new map, with entirely new province-ids, state-ids etc. As such, one key challenge was to build a number of custom tools that could port all our old content (states, focus trees, units etc.) from the old map to the new one.

In addition, I took the liberty of making big changes to HoI4's default map shaders and introduce a fancy zoom-out effect that transitions the map from terrain, into a drawn paper-map.

In my opinion, custom shaders are heavily under-utilized in HoI4 modding, and I believe it helped make our mod look good as well as feel unique and immersive.

The lack of custom shaders in HoI4 modding is not without reason. I too had to overcome several hurldes and think outside the box to come up with a solution. I ended up using the alpha-channel of the cityemissive texture to store a greyscale version of the painted map. This alpha channel is usually reserved for city-lights during night, but I disabled those entirely as they didn't really fit the theme of our mod anyway. Then, I used some arbitrary shader hokus-pokus to inject color into the drawn paper map to yield the final result.

I believe the result was worth it, as the aesthetics of our mod, and particularly our map, have been held in high praise by many players.

image of map

Another major selling-point of our mod is it's revamped Ring-mechanic.

Believe me, this took a lot of scripting to get working. Using a dynamic map, a scripted GUI displays the route and location of the fellowship of the ring at any given time (including different paths), as well as the members. If the fellowship passes through a country's territory, the country can assemble a hunting party (consisting of the country's unit leaders) and attack said fellowship.

Despite being a little too RNG-based, this mechanic is a fantastic example of how procedural storytelling can take place in strategy games. It's led to some absolutely amazing (and even outright hilarious) occurences taking place. It also serves as a great foundation to include a plethora of interactions for various countries.

image of map

Our advisor rework has likewise been very well received. As with all the UX reworks I have done, the aesthetics have been praised, and the uniqueness of some advisor traits has also found favor among many players.

image of map

Speaking of aesthetics, our custom equipment designers are a more recent addition that I'm also a little too smug about ;)

image of map

There are many, many other aspects of the mod that I've worked on, but it's a few too many to list them all here (and always expanding), so here's an arbitrary collection of screenshots!

Our Ithilien Crisis mechanic:

image of map

Our custom MIOs / Guilds:

image of map

Our Elven Assembly mechanic:

image of map

Our Galadriel's Mirror mechanic:

image of map

Our Elven Factions mechanic:

image of map

Our Gondor peasant uprising:

image of map

Some of our custom achievements:

image of map


The mod has remained on page 2 of the most subscribed mods of HoI4 for several years. Since the reboot, it's been on a steady trend upwards.

At the time of writing it is sitting at around 110.000 subscribers and over 8800 favourites, with a total unique subscriber count of over 250.000.

It's brought to life several sub-mods, including translations but also expansions and entire spinoff-mods. Here are some of my favourites:

image of unitmodels

It's also received significant coverage from some of HoI4's most well-known content creators, including (but not limited to):

The mod's development remains active and maintains a thriving discord community that organizes regular multiplayer games. I am very excited to continue seeing this project grow!