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RCAS (Remote-Control-And-Streaming) is a Unity framework intended to enable remote control of an application running on a remote mobile VR headset in addition to live-streaming the VR view.


To use RCAS in a Unity project, follow these steps:

  • Download the tarball-package from here. OR
  • In the Unity Editor, navigate to Window > Package Manager.
  • Click on the "+" in the top-left and click on Add package from git URL.
  • Copy paste in the field.

Alternatively, you can also clone this repository and open it as a new Unity project.


Using RCAS requires you to build two separate projects, one for the VR headset and the other one for the Manager-app. You can do this through two separate Unity projects, or by building the same project with different build-settings.

Either way, the important part is that each build needs a separate, active RCAS_Peer script in their respective scenes. Do not use multiple Peers simultaneously within one game-instance. If you have scene changes, drag the Peer along through DontDestroyOnLoad(...).

The VR Headset should have its peer's isHost set to true, whilst the Manager set to false. The PairingPort property will be used for automatic device-pairing. You can also set a dedicated LocalPort through which all non-pairing network traffic will flow. Using the same LocalPort for both headset and manager will prevent you from being able to run (i.e. test) both applications locally on a single machine. It is recommended to enable AutoSetLocalPort, which will automatically select an available networking port for you.

VR Headset Peer img

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Each Peer is a singleton object that has a TCP and UDP connection. These are used depending on the underlying use-case: TCP messages are used for reliable messages like RPCs/remote events, whilst UDP is used for live-streaming data, like the VR view.

Both connections have a series of channels, some of which are reserved for existing featrues, whilst other (channels named CUSOM_X) can be customized for your own use.


Each RCAS_Peers has several callback delegates you can use, including Peer.OnEstablishedConnection and Peer.OnLostConnection.

For details on each specific feature, consult the indicidual documenation: